Nissan Leaf Battery Replacement In Australia

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By Paul L. Slack

Nissan Leaf Battery Replacement in Australia cost depends on the region, model year, and labor cost. The cost is in between $4000-16000. To get an accurate cost, you need to consult with a local dealer or Nissan Authorized Dealer point in Australia.

Replacing the battery in a Nissan Leaf can involve quite an expense, but it’s an essential part of maintaining an electric vehicle’s long-term performance. The cost of a Nissan Leaf battery replacement in Australia can vary depending on several factors

Nissan Leaf Battery Replacement In Australia- Price Range

If you need to replace the battery in your Nissan Leaf, it can cost you different amounts depending on the type of battery and how big it is.

  • For older Nissan Leaf models with 24 kWh or 30 kWh batteries, it can cost between $3,000 and $5,000.
  • Older batteries may cost a bit expensive because Nissan doesn’t produce them anymore. Also, Finding them can be tricky. If you find it, probably it’s used or fixed up.
  • If you have a newer Nissan Leaf with a 40 kWh battery, its replacement cost will be around $6,500 to $7,500.
  • If you have one with a 62 kWh battery, replacing it could cost around $8,500 to $9,500.
  • For a newer 60 KWH battery price may be around $10000-$15000. It is different from the older model of Nissan/
  • Don’t forget about the cost of labor. It might be about $1,000.

So the total price for changing your Nissan Leaf battery can be anywhere from about $4,000 to $16,000. The final cost will depend on the battery size and the year your car was made.

Nissan Leaf Battery Replacement In Australia

Nissan Leaf Battery Replacement Australia- Cost Factors

Nissan Leaf Battery replacement costs vary on several factors. See below.

Model Year: Newer Nissan Leaf models have more advanced technology batteries. It may cost more than the older models.

Battery capacity: The replacement cost will depend on the capacity of your battery pack as Nissan Leaf has several different capacities over the years.

Warranty: If your Nissan Leaf is still under warranty, the cost of the battery replacement can be partially or fully covered. It depends on the terms and conditions of the warranty. Nissan offers warranties on their battery pack for 8 years/100000 miles to 8 years/160000 kilometers depending on which region you’re living in Australia. 

Authorized vs. Aftermarket Option: There are many third-party workshops in Australia that offer after-market or reconditioning battery packs at affordable prices. But there is no quality guarantee.

On the other hand, Authorized dealer points will both ensure OEM and durability. But the price may seem high.

Labor Costs: Labor costs for the installation of the new battery pack can vary depending on the location and the service center you choose.

Taxes and Fees: In Australia, there may be taxes and fees associated with battery replacement. Your bill will come including it. 

Environmental Regulations: In some regions in Australia, there may be additional fees or requirements for disposing of or recycling the old battery pack.

When to Replace Your Nissan Leaf Battery?

Understanding the signs when to change your Nissan Leaf Battery helps you to avail warranty if it’s still under warranty.  Let’s see the signs of your battery degradation.

Battery Capacity Loss: Over age, your Nissan Leaf battery loses its capacity to hold the charge. When it loses capacity to a significant point that you don’t get the minimum range anymore, it’s a sign that you need to replace your Nissan Leaf battery. 

Unusual Charging Time: When your Nissan Leaf takes more time to charge than before it’s a sign of your battery degradation.

Frequent Charging: If your Nissan Leaf goes out of charge and requires charging frequently, it’s a sign of battery degradation.

Warning Message: Nissan Leaf batteries come with an in-built diagnostics system. If your system monitor frequently warns or alerts you about battery, it is also a sign that your battery having trouble. 

Performance: If your overall performance isn’t as it was before. The range is reduced and becomes uncomfortable, It shows significant degradation over time. 


If you think your Nissan Leaf Battery needs to be replaced, make sure you check your warranty first. The cost may vary in different regions of Australia. Take it to a nearby dealership point or renowned third-party workshop to replace the battery securely. 

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Q. How much is a new Nissan Leaf battery in Australia?

Ans: New Nissan Leaf Battery in Australia will cost about $10000-12000

Q. How much does it cost to replace the battery pack in a Nissan Leaf?

Ans: $6000-8000 including labor cost. The cost may vary depending on various factors. 

Q. Can I replace the battery in a Nissan Leaf?

Ans: Yes. You can. Consult with your Nissan Leaf dealer or replace your battery. You can replace it with a local agent as well for a cheaper option. 

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