How many battery bars in Nissan Leaf:Full Information

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By Paul L. Slack

How many battery bars in Nissan Leaf? The Nissan Leaf battery capacity gauge consists of 12 bars. Each bar represents a specific portion of the battery’s capacity. When all 12 bars are displayed on the gauge, it indicates that the battery is fully charged, and the vehicle has its maximum available range.

The battery bars represent the battery capacity or charging state visually. The number of Battery bars in the Nissan Leaf depends on the battery’s state of health and the specific year of the EV. In this article, I’ll give a general overview of Nissan Leaf battery bars.

How many battery bars in Nissan Leaf

Battery Bars in First-Generation Nissan Leaf (2011-2017)

The first-generation Nissan Leaf had only 12 battery capacity bars when it was new. Over time and undergoes capacity loss, the bars could decrease. If the battery loses significant capacity, it drops to 9 bars or fewer. The reduction indicates the result of battery degradation.

Gradual Depletion:

If your Nissan Leaf’s battery bars gradually disappear from right to left on the capacity gauge during driving. This depletion represents the reduction in the battery’s state of charge as you use energy to propel the vehicle.

Battery Bars in Second-Generation Nissan Leaf (2018-Present)

In the second generation, Nissan Leaf brought some changes in the battery capacity display. Instead of 12 bars, it uses an exceptional visual representation. It now shows the battery capacity in percentage and provides a more precise indication of the charging state. The GOM (guess-o-meter) estimates the remaining range based on the driving status and battery status.

Warranty Gateway

Nissan often offers a warranty for battery capacity loss. In most of the regions, the warranty covers warranty below a certain limit often 9 bars out of the 12. If your Nissan Leaf’s battery drops below the threshold within the warranty period, Nissan may replace or repair the battery without any cost. 


Final Thoughts

The number of bars or the battery capacity percentage can vary between individual Leaf vehicles based on usage, environmental conditions, and overall battery health. Also, Recently Nissan may update its battery capacity display methods with different software versions or new model years. To get the exact information about your specific Nissan Leaf’s battery health, you can consult the vehicle’s onboard display or a Nissan dealership.

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 How many battery bars in Nissan Leaf?

 12 bars are used in the Nissan Leaf battery.

Is 9 bars on Nissan Leaf good?

Battery Bars deduct to 9 when your battery loses enough capacity. Consult your Nissan Leaf dealer if your vehicle is covered by warranty. 

How do you read a Nissan Leaf battery bar?

Check the below indicators to understand your Nissan Leaf battery bars.
12 bars = Full battery, maximum range.
Fewer bars = Reduced battery capacity and range.
The warranty often covers capacity loss below 9 bars.

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