Nissan leaf battery Replacement UK Cost

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By Paul L. Slack

By considering the battery replacement concerns of Nissan Leaf owners Nissan UK has implemented a battery replacement program where the replacement cost is £4,920. Even they offer £1000 cashback for the return of their old batteries.

Nissan initiated this program to provide Leaf owners with a sharp solution in case their battery needs a replacement after an initial 5-year, 60000-mile warranty against the battery capacity failure or expiration. 

Nissan Leaf Battery Replacement

Nissan Leaf Battery replacement is rarely required. Also, a complete battery replacement in a Nissan Leaf is relatively uncommon. Nissan has designed their batteries durable and long-lasting. Most of the Nissan Leaf owners don’t need to replace the battery during a noticeable timeline. 

You might need to replace the Nissan Leaf Battery when you purchased it second-hand. Yet complete battery replacement of Nissan Leaf is uncommon. You might just need to replace components. 

Nissan Leaf Battery Replacement

About Nissan Leaf Battery

Although the technology in Nissan Leaf is super advanced, but the EV is quite old. It has been in the market since 2011 and earned popularity for its cutting-edge technology and battery durability. However, there is a conflict that says EV battery degrades too fast and the replacement cost is high v/s there is another belief that EV is the most futuristic and ultimate solution for the car revolution. Whatever, we won’t fall into the opinions. Our aim is to discuss about Nissan Leaf Battery and its Replacement cost.

Nissan Leaf Battery Sizes

Nissan Leaf has several types of battery pack sizes in the market over its various models. Driving range and overall performance may vary on these battery sizes. From 2011-2017, Nissan implemented two significant updates to the Leaf, which are essential to consider if you’re thinking about purchasing a used one. Let’s delve ahead to look at the main battery sizes used in the Nissan Leaf.

First Generation Nissan Leaf (2011-2017)

The original Nissan Leaf made its debut on UK roads in 2011 and continued production until 2017. 

  • 24 KWH Battery: The original Nissan Leaf has a 24 KWH battery pack that has been available since the car launch in 2011 and used to run in the early model years. A full charge offered a range of more or less 84 miles.
  • 30 KWH battery: In 2015, Nissan launched an optional 30 KWH battery. It improved the car’s range to approximately 107 miles on a full charge. The change was quite notable if you compared it to the 24 KWH battery.

Second Generation Nissan Leaf (2018-Present)

After 2017, Nissan decided to land the second-generation model in the market.

  • 40KWH Battery: The second-generation Nissan Leaf was officially introduced in 2018 and features a larger 540-kilowatt-hour battery pack. It significantly extends the driving range, providing approximately 1050 miles on a full charge. It also improved performance and better competitive range compared to its predecessor. 
  • 62 KWH Battery: It’s not available as much as compared to the other sizes. But performances to notice in this second-generation Leaf with a 62-kilowatt-hour battery pack that provides a greater driving range of approximately 226 miles on a full charge. This selected version is for drivers who require the longest range of driving.

Which size of the Nissan Leaf battery will be the best fit for you?

Nissan Leaf continually offers improved battery options to make your driving experience better. All you need to find the one that fits your needs. The battery sizes vary on different driving needs and preferences. It offers options for those who prioritize range, cost-effectiveness, and inter-area driving. Choosing the right battery sizes depends on your preferred driving habits, commuting distance, and regional availability. 

When to replace the Nissan Leaf Battery? 

If you see some abnormality in your Nissan Leaf that might lead you to battery problems and require you to replace it. 

Signs You might need to replace your Nissan Leaf Battery

  • Limited Driving Range: When the battery degrades, you may notice a significant reduction of driving range on a single charge.
  • Loss of Bars: Nissan Leafs use a bar system to help you read the battery’s health. You may see a significant drop in the numbers of the bars of your battery capacity gauge which indicates you a sign of battery degradation
  • Charging Time: If your Nissan Leaf takes longer time to charge than before might be a sign of battery degradation.

Warranty Coverage Nissan Leaf Battery 

Like other car brands, Nissan Leaf also provides a warranty for the battery. The warranty covers capacity loss below a certain level. The warranty time and coverage may vary depending on different regions and the model year of your Nissan Leaf. You can check your warranty details on the purchase documents.

Nissan Leaf Battery Replacement Cost

If exceed the warranty period and face battery degradation, the replacement might seem a bit expensive.  The cost of a new battery pack may vary depending on the model, capacity, and year. The range could be $3000- $8000. 

Specifically, Replacing a full battery pack through a Nissan dealer is costly, with a 24 kWh pack costing around £12,500 and a 30 kWh pack around £14,300. These prices also vary based on factors like the car’s age and the condition of the old battery.

Third-party Replacement Cost

If you prefer third-party battery replacement, it may get a lower cost than going through the dealership. But going with third-party, make sure they are compatible with your Nissan Leaf model and secured along with performance standards.

The ratio of Nishan Leaf Battery Battery Replacement

The EV manager of Nissan Motor GB, Paul O’Neil expressed his confidence in the durability of Leaf batteries by claiming that the majority of the Leaf owners will never need to replace their batteries. Even the statistics say, that among 30,000 Leafs in Europe, only three Leaf owners needed to replace their batteries. 

Battery Recycling

Battery disposal or recycling is potentially important for the environment. Even Nissan has their own program to inspire old battery recycling by offering a cashback or discount offer. Energy recycling is not only for the environment but also helps you by saving costs. The old batteries are used to be repurposed for energy storage. 

Final Word

As I mentioned, It’s quite rare that your Nissan Leaf battery needs to be replaced. However, it is wise to be aware of the signs of battery degradation. Even proper maintenance can help you maximize your battery lifespan and save potential costs. On the other hand, Nissan UK offers a charming program for Nissan Leaf battery replacement, feel free to get cashback by returning your old battery. I hope, the article covers all your important queries about Nissan Leaf battery replacement. Feel free to let us know your other queries. 

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