BMW i3 12V Battery Replacement Cost

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By Paul L. Slack

Any battery replacement cost depends on the above-mentioned factors including the region as well. The price range of BMW i3 12V battery replacement cost is $200- $399. The labor cost can be from $100 to $198. 

The battery replacement cost is always a concern when your battery starts degrading. When it comes to the BMW i3, it’s really important to maintain your battery to get the utmost performance. To be honest there is one crucial component in the BMW i3 that always requires attention is 12V battery. As it is responsible for powering several electrical systems such as lights, and infotainment, it causes malfunctionality when it degrades. In this blog, I will not only discuss the BMW i3 12V battery cost but also discuss the factors influencing the costs, replacement options, and valuable maintenance tips for your BMW.

BMW i3 12V Battery Replacement Cost

The factors that influence the cost

BMW i3 12-Volt Battery Replacement Cost depends on several factors that influence the expense. Such as the type of battery you choose, the brand you select, labor charges of the service provider. The BMW dealership may charge more than a third party. Plus, the Dealership can additionally charge for their labor cost as well. However, it’s important to mention that theory expertise is better than a third-party service provider, also secured. 

BMW i3 12V Battery Replacement Cost

OEM VS. Other batteries

Original or official products always cost much more than the aftermarket options. Aftermarket batteries can be a budget deal but OEM will offer you quality assurance, and ensure durability and performance. 

BMW i3 12V Battery Replacement  Additional Cost

Your BMW i3 12V Battery replacement cost can be tax applicable. It depends on the region. Also, you might need to pay for old battery disposal. It would be a minor charge. 

It’ll be so wise if you ask replacement quotation from the service provider. It’ll help you to understand where are you being charged and what for. 

What is the 12V battery in a BMW i3?

Do you think the 12V battery in your BMW is for propulsion? Often people get confused about the 12V battery with the high-voltage battery. The 12V battery in BMW i3 stands for powering auxiliary systems to ensure the functionality of the vehicle’s lights, radio, and the rest of the electronic functions inside the car. If your 12V battery stops working properly, your driving experience will be dull. 

Signs of Failing 12V Battery

Recognizing the signs of your 12V battery failure is more important to prevent replacement or understand when to replace. The most common symptoms of 12V battery failure are given below. Understanding the signs can help to maintain your car and save you from unnecessary costs. 

  • Dimming the car lights
  • Difficulty when starting the vehicle
  • Frequent warning messages on the dashboard
  • Connection instability 

Maximizing BMW i3 Battery Lifespan

Things always last when you care. Try to maintain a few key maintenance practices to increase your BMW i3 12V battery life. Check below-

  • Check the battery terminals for corrosion routine-wise. 
  • Ensure a clean and secure connection
  • Make sure to keep your vehicle cool
  • Try arranging a cool shade to prevent direct sun exposure
  • Inspect regularly to solve minor, potential issues, unexpected failures, and expensive replacement
  • Consult an expert to schedule regular check-ups for your 12V battery. 

Where to get a BMW i3 12V battery replacement?

You can choose to replace your BMW i3 12V battery from a BMW dealership or third-party service provider. The choice should be taken by considering the below factors.

BMW Dealership

Authorized Place always provides you with genuine BMW parts. As you already know from the earlier passage it could be more expensive than the other options. But the expertise and warranty coverage you will get are valuable. 

Auto shops

Any service provider auto shop can offer you comparatively cheaper options than authorized dealers. Though it’s cost-effective still needs to ensure quality replacement and after-replacement security for the BMW i3. 

DIY Replacement

Who doesn’t try a DIY? Battery replacement isn’t rocket science. You can do it by yourself by following a manual or video tutorial. But it’s important to have basic technical knowledge to replace the battery. Always take caution while you try it. It’s better not to try it cause it may void your existing warranty. 

Final Thoughts

We understand that it’s important for BMW owners to have the cost idea of battery replacement. It’ll keep you prepared and pick the best deal in the need for the BMW i3 12V Battery Replacement time. 

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