2008 Ford Escape Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost

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By Paul L. Slack

The 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost is around $2500-$6000. Labor costs can be around $300-$500. 

Like all batteries, your 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid Battery has a limited lifespan, and eventually, it will need to be replaced.2008 Ford Escape Hybrid Battery Replacement cost varies on several factors. It’s wise to understand where your money is spent while replacing your Escape hybrid battery. 

2008 Ford Escape Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost

Factors Affect 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost

Region: Location has an important impact on the replacement cost. Urban and Vital regions with higher living costs usually have quite expensive replacement services. You can have a few optional quotations from local service shops to compare the affordable prices. 

OEM vs Remanufactures vs Refurbished Batteries: The most critical choice during battery replacement is choosing between the battery type. You have several options here and maths to calculate. A brand new battery for a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid Battery cost anywhere from $3000 to $4000 or more. However, refurbished or remanufactured batteries are comparatively more reasonable than OEM options. You may know that while saving your money upfront, wrong quality refurbished battery may not last long like a new battery.

Labor Cost: All battery replacement comes with labor cost. They charge for installation and initial check-up. The cost may be around $200- $500.

Grabbing the Best Deal for you 2008 Ford Escape

To get the best deal for your 2088 Ford Escape Hybrid battery replacement you may follow the below tips.

Contact Multiple Service Providers: You can reach out to Ford dealership, Ford Support line, hybrid auto specialists, and local repair shops to get multiple quotations for your Ford Escape battery replacement. Among the identity the potential service provider who can offer you both quality service and reasonable price.

Consider Warranty: Inquire about warranties associated with the replacement battery. OEM option often comes with a warranty. If you’re choosing a third-party service provider, the given warranty will bring peace of mind in case of concern of future trouble.

Battery Lifespan: Before replacing, ask the service providers about the expected lifespan of the battery. It will help you to choose the better option.

Final Words

Every hybrid battery has a timeframe of offering smooth performance and fuel efficiency. So has your 2008 Ford Escape battery. There’s nothing to worry about when your Escape’s battery has come to an end. Get research for the best replacement option and get it done. 

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