8 Solarking Lithium Battery Problems That you should consider before buying.

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By Paul L. Slack

Solarking Lithium Battery Problems: Solarking Lithium Battery has become very popular because of its uniqueness from others. The longevity, energy saving, and doubling the power of a lead acid battery made it the talk of the town. It’s almost perfect to replace the traditional lead acid battery with a Solarking Lithium Battery. However, thus pros must have cons as well. Let’s figure out what complexities you can possibly face while using Solarking Lithium Battery.

1. Unstable Charging Capacity over time

Every boldness fades over time. Even human capacities. Lithium batteries can experience unstable charging capacity in the long run. It can lose its ability to hold charges or can diminish its recharging capability. This may affect energy storage or overall motive performance. Which also can cause trouble with unsudden stoppage of start-up or motion flow.


2. Invalid Charging accuracy of Solarking Lithium Battery

Very few cases of Solarking Lithium Batteries have shown a problem of SOC inaccuracy. SOC is the state of the charging result. Some Solarking Lithium Battery users complained about them having exact charging accuracy on display which made it challenging for users to know the charging state and how much they have energy stored available to use.

3. Over-charging or Low powering dilemma of Solarking Lithium Battery

Over-charging or exceeding the discharging limitation is one of the common and minor solar lithium batteries. Every lithium battery has a charging limitation. Exceeding the limit isn’t a wise choice for lithium battery users. Overcharging or over-discharging can cause battery damage and decrease its life duration. Most of the Solarking Lithium Battery comes with BMS system which saves your battery from overcharging. Make sure your Solarking battery has it. 

4. Cable Confusions

There are several charging and connector cables in Solarking Lithium Battery. It’s quite a hassle to maintain them. Without proper arrangement can create both confusion and minor security threats in case of cables go cut open while bearing power. The ports may loosen can affect the power supply as well. 

5. Fading accelerate capacity

The accelerated capacity can lose its efficiency due to overheating issues. Despite its importance in absorbing heat, extreme temperatures can temperature can negatively harm the performance of lithium batteries’ longevity. Follow the Solarking Lithium Batteries user guidelines to avoid losing accelerated capacity. 

6. BMS Challenges- Fading accelerates capacity

As the Solarking Lithium Battery comes with BMS set up to protect your battery from over-charges, it may not adjust with your voltage setting. Make sure you know the voltage range.

7. High Purchase Price- Solarking Lithium Battery

As Solarking Lithium battery has a longer lifespan, better performance, and less maintenance cost than other batteries, it may seem a bit more expensive than compared to other batteries. Though it has future cost-effectiveness, buying cost can be initially a concern for many people who are interested to buy. 

8. Safety Concerns about Solarking Lithium Battery

Any energy-generated devices are only safe when you use them correctly. So are Solarking Lithium batteries. Improper installation, ill-maintenance, and misusages could be a huge security thread in the case of using Solarking Lithium Batteries. It may cause battery fire or explosions. So can happen due to poorly manufactured batteries. Proper usage and following the safety guidelines can minimize the risk. 

Solutions to Solarking Lithium Battery Problems

Not only Solarking Lithium Battery but also other lithium batteries can have relatively similar issues. So, while buying one, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, use it properly, and maintenance regularly.

While using Solarking Lithium Battery, make sure to contact Solarking’s customer support to seek advice. Make sure to follow every necessary step with their professional team. 

Solarking Lithium Battery comes with three years warranty including two years of parts replacement. The warranty may change or update.  Make sure you read details about what they cover before buying one.

If you’ve already bought one, then make sure to avail the warranty. 

Stay up-to-date with the solar lithium battery users community to get new tips, cause experienced users share their knowledge and publish tips when solar energy systems update and improve their loops.

Make sure to take the expert team’s help to set up Solarking Lithium Battery to secure and successful installation.

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Does Solarking Lithium Battery worth the money?

Ans: Many users like using it. It generally has a longer lifespan than others.

Does Solarking Lithium Battery have security threads?

Ans: Misusing, overcharging, and ill-maintenance can cause battery fire or explosion.

Does Solarking Lithium Battery offer a warranty?

Ans: Yes. Read out their warranty policy on their website.

Is Solarking Lithium Battery Cost-effective?

Ans: Yes. Because it stores energy from solar. 

Does Solarking Lithium Battery have BMS?

Ans: Yes. It protects the battery from over-charging. 

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