Is Green Bean Battery Legit?

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By Paul L. Slack

Is Green Bean Battery Legit?: ‘Green Bean Battery’ -Isn’t it a common name for hybrid car owners? The name is quite interesting though I don’t know what it stands for car or battery world. It’s quite popular for its lifetime warranty, resale facilities and a lot more. But the question is, ‘Is green bean battery legit?’

Is Green Bean Battery Legit?

All these ‘Green Bean Battery- lifetime warranty’ and ‘transferring the warranty’ proves that Green Bean has crossed its limits to satisfy customers in every way. That actually generates concern about its legitimacy. The fact is they really do offer a lifetime warranty and replace the battery if it fails. But there’re several terms, conditions, and policies to claim it. Make sure you read it and figure out what their warranty means.

Let’s clarify the idea about Green Bean Battery

Green Bean batteries are actually a kind of rebuilt battery. The brand repairs the battery and offers low price than a new battery. In a way, they help Pirus owners from the digger dealer.

Green Bean Battery-Lifetime warranty

How exciting it would be if God has given you assurance to keep you young till death? What a life it would be, right? Green Battery went popular because of a similar reason. The company offers a lifetime warranty with each installment. Even it has become reliable among a lot of Pirus owners only because of its lifetime warranty.

Transferring the warranty

Doesn’t it sound amazing that you can even transfer a warranty? Green Bean allows you to transfer the warranty when you’re reselling it or transferring the name to someone else. That’s how they earned their name and went viral in a short time. 

But. The question is, ‘Is it even legit?’

Pirus sets a P0A80 trouble code

Several statements and reviews say that Green Bean goes above and beyond to ensure replacement when it is any stake. That proves their excellent customer support. Evidence ensures the replacement. If the user can prove that their battery indeed failed, they get the replacement. And It only applies when your Pirus sets a P0A80 trouble code (which means to replace your battery). But what if your battery really failed but your Pirus doesn’t show the code??


Yes. The fear is right. You’re out of luck then. You can not now claim the replacement then. Green Bean doesn’t cover the warranty if Pirus doesn’t set a P0A80 code. I know, It’s pathetic. What if the battery fails soon after you buy it? That would be a great loss. But a policy is a policy. We can’t do anything unless Green Bean themselves update it.


Should you Buy?

Reviews and Town talk

The experience of Pirus users is mixed here. A group who were lucky were pleasant. They have a great experience even using it. A lot who weren’t, are angry and own negative opinions. It indeed doing a really nice job for our environment by reusing batteries. But I would recommend you read their complete warranty policy, see reviews, and discuss with experienced users before buying it. It’s kind of a take-it-or-leave-it deal. 

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Is Green Bean Battery cover a lifetime warranty?

Ans: Yes. But only when Pirus set a P0A80 code.

Can I transfer Green Bean Battery warranty?

Ans: Yes. Read more at Green Bean’s website.

What does it mean P0A80 code for Green Bean Battery?

Ans: When Pirus set a P0A80 code, it says to replace the battery.

Can I get a warranty if my Pirus doesn’t show P0A80 code?

Ans: No.

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