How to Test a Hybrid Car Battery?

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By Paul L. Slack

How to Test a Hybrid Car Battery?: Learn effectively how to test a hybrid car battery with step-by-step instructions and essential tips. Hybrid car battery testing is an important part to maintain your electric vehicle. In the hybrid car battery test, you can find out the battery’s performance, capacity, and overall health condition. 

How to Test a Hybrid Car Battery?: Importance of Testing Hybrid Car Battery

Testing Hybrid Car Battery means testing the heart of your electric car. The car is like a human body, and the battery is the air. It runs till you have the battery health good to power the motor by providing energy. Testing the hybrid car battery regularly ensures smooth motion and reduces the chance of over-fueling. Detecting the batter errors can help you to keep your performance better and more efficient. 

Solves Potential Safety Risks

Do you know what is more important than time and goal? Life it is! So, if you wanna reach your destination safely, you must test your hybrid car battery on a time-to-time basis. The car battery itself is a machine. It can have mechanical issues, minor or severe failures and power problems, and many more. Testing it regularly helps you avoid unexpected incidences that lead you to accidents like fire hazards, sudden power loss, uneven speed, or other potential safety risks.

Battery Life and Replace

The car battery is destined to last for a life period. Testing it helps you to monitor battery health over time. You’ll accurately know when to recover or replace it. It’ll help to know different battery longevity and effectivity, maintenance, and plan the next purchase, and replacement in a timely manner to avoid unexpected failures. 


Changing the hybrid car battery is a matter of significant cost. Testing it regularly to identify issues that can be solved, maintained, and recovered, saves a portion of your pocket. This helps you to enhance your car battery’s lifespan and keeps you away from premature replacement. See, I saved your money buddy. Remember, having a car is like having a kid. Check it on before it gets completely spoiled. 

Get you the insight

Certain temperature ranges and charging cycles are the feed for the performance of hybrid car batteries. Testing it regularly allow your technical automobile partner to fine-tune the system of your battery and make changes to improve and enhance the performance of a hybrid car.

Enjoy your opportunity

Do you have your battery warranty? Who doesn’t? Maybe a few. Most car batteries come with a warranty that covers errors and failures during a certain time period. If you have got it, don’t let it get wasted. Once you detect issues, avail yourself of the warranty for regular maintenance to maintain your hybrid car battery within the validity of the warranty period. Neglecting it at the same time sounds unwise to increase the possibility of wasting money on sudden replacement.

Remember, when it is about a vehicle, minor avoidance can be a matter to lead you to unexpected safety risks. Keep testing your hybrid car battery not only for battery health but also to increase performance, save unnecessary costs and avoid failures and safety risks. 


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What Happens During a Hybrid Battery Test?

Testing a hybrid battery is like diagnosing its physical and technical health. Several processes and procedures run to assess its battery health, performance, technical faults, and overall battery condition. The steps may vary on the model of parts and vehicle. Usually, the following steps use to be followed to presume during a test of a hybrid car battery. 

OBD Scan।। Figure out your car battery condition

OBD stands for Onboard Diagnostics Scan. It gives you access to know what is going on with your car by reading real-time data. It also helps you personalize your car through car coding. The scan allows you to get the data and trouble code from the car computer system that helps you to unlock important information about your battery’s health condition and other potential factors. Instead of paying tech, plug an OBD-II into your car to have the first scan of your overall battery status. 

Let you know your battery capacity

Either for a person or object, it has a capacity or limit set. Measuring the capacity that your hybrid car battery can hold and deliver electric energy can be known by a battery capacity test. It depicts the remaining usable energy and its ability to supply sufficient power to the electric motor. 

Critical analysis of voltage and current supply

To figure out any abnormalities and imbalances, you must analyze voltage and current supply readings. Stable and reconcilable status of reading says your battery health is good, while dysfunctional and irregularities suggest significant major or minor errors. 

Load Test to evaluate voltage sustainability 

You may need to run a test by applying a significant load to your car battery to monitor its performance. It’s helpful to evaluate how effectively your car battery’s voltage is sustainable and output of driving smoothness. 

Also to analyze your car battery properly few more tests can be run during testing it. Like 

IRT- Internal Resistance Test: It usually shows the parameter for battery health whether your car has lower internal resistance or higher resistance. Lower internal resistance signifies better performance, higher resistance signifies demotion or aging of your car battery. 

Thermal Screening- In this thermal imaging, it requires infrared cameras to find abnormal temperature loading in your car battery that indicates cell malfunctions or other potential risks.

Physical Damage Detection: To check for any physical damages, signs of corrosion, or leaks in the battery chunk or inherent components, you can run a visual inspection on your car battery.

Check with software: If your hybrid vehicles come with manufacturer software and offer you an analyzing tool, Congo! It will allow you to look through your car battery health and historical driving data. 

BMS- Interrogating your hybrid car battery via BMS(Battery Management System) helps you to monitor and control your battery’s operation and shows you insight into the charging status, history, or any irregular activity or error codes.

These are common procedures to run tests on car batteries. For different types of batteries, you may need to avail different ways or procedures to run a test on your car batteries that requires for you. Based on the results, car batteries can be examined and detect the necessary errors. On this basis, you can repair or make necessary changes to optimize your car performance better, more efficiently, and safely.

THINKDIAG: How to Test a Hybrid Car Battery Procedure

Follow our comprehensive guide to conducting a thorough hybrid car battery test on your own.

Here is the process we are discussing about how to test a hybrid car battery or plugin vehicle and if you want to check the battery condition you want to test the battery to find out if it is good or bad. Suppose you are buying a used vehicle or you have a problem and you are trying to figure out do you have a bad battery cell or is my battery in good condition and how old it is all those things are discussed below:


How to test a hybrid car battery on those modern cars is pretty easy.

First, you need to find your car’s OBD port. It is supposed to be somewhere under the dash.  Here you need to use an amazing device THINKDIAG it’s a very small device you can put into your pocket. Using this device you can access every computer system in your car also you can do programming as well. Every hybrid car has more than 50 computer systems.

Put the THINKDIAG device into the OBD port and ignition switch and hold on until app loading is complete. On the app screen, you can see lots of functions like All systems, Diagnostic, Maintenance functions, OBD Functions, Reports, History, and so on. Then go with All System diagnostic and you can see all hybrid car brand names. Also, you can see the VIN decoding option so click on that then you do not need to select manually the vehicle model it will automatically detect your car model, brand name, and manufacturer year. Future follow the app screen instruction properly.

After completing everything, you will see your car all functions like Health reports, System scan, System selection, special functions, module programming, and Vehicle information. To know information about your car battery you have to go with system selection then you will see lots of other options but you click on Battery Energy Control Module (BECM)> Special Functions> BECM(Battery Energy Control Module) Cell Voltage [ In this case make sure your car on emergency brake]. Now you can see your all battery each cell voltage. If you see all voltage are the same or close to each other it means your battery is in good condition. 

Interpreting the Results

Understand the test results and what they signify in terms of your battery’s health and performance. If you see one cell in 4.033 and another in 4.029, it seems not too much difference so you can assume your battery is in good condition. On the other hand, if you see one cell is 4.030 and another is 3.075 is a huge difference so you have to understand the battery is not in good condition you have to take care of your battery. In this app, you can check many other information about your hybrid car.

Care for your Hybrid Battery

If you’re a car owner, you must keep testing your car battery when it requires. You can also keep maintaining it by taking regular care, few technical techniques to keep the battery health safe, also by obeying technical tips, and following proper charging cycles.

By learning how to test a hybrid car battery, you can maintain its health, enhance performance, and extend your vehicle’s life. Happy driving!

Oh, don’t forget to check it with the technician when it’s required. To spend minor charges, you can save big money. 


Can I test my hybrid car battery without any prior experience?

Yes, our step-by-step guide is designed for both beginners and experienced car owners.

How often should I test my hybrid car battery?

It is recommended to test your battery at least once every six months for optimal performance.

Can a faulty hybrid car battery be repaired, or should I replace it?

Depending on the severity of the issue, sometimes repairs are possible, but replacement may be necessary.

Will testing my hybrid car battery void the warranty?

No, proper testing should not void the warranty, but refer to your manufacturer’s guidelines to be sure.

Are there any warning signs that indicate a failing hybrid car battery?

Yes, common signs include decreased fuel efficiency and dashboard warning lights related to the battery.

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