How to Check and Maintain Tire Pressure in Electric Vehicles

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By Paul L. Slack

Electric vehicles are incredibly popular for their efficiency in the long run. EV owners maintain their electric vehicle efficiency but most of the time the one thing that got overlooked by them is the tire pressure. For an electric vehicle tire pressure is an important factor. Maintaining it can prolong the efficiency and lifespan of the vehicle.

How Important Is Tire Pressure For EV

Maintaining proper tire pressure is essential for all vehicle owners as it can be useful to increase a vehicle’s performance and efficiency.

EVs are known for their efficiency. Maintaining the perfect tire pressure can contribute to this efficiency. Having less air in the tire can make the vehicle work harder, it increases rolling resistance in the tire.

The proper amount of pressure in tires ensures better resistance, and performance and reduces the risk of accidents. It also makes certain that the tire has a good grip on the road to handle speed changes effectively.

Excess amounts of tire pressure can cause improper balance on overall weight distribution of the tires, which puts pressure on the battery.

How To Check the Tire Pressure In EV

There is a proper way to check the tire pressure in the tires. Here are the instructions:

  • Generally, each EV model has a specific tire pressure that is instructed by the makers. The owner’s manual instructions can help. Sometimes driver’s side door jamb or the fuel filler flap held a sticker or notice.
  • Tire pressure can fluctuate with temperature changes. When the tires are cold make sure to check the tire pressure that time as friction between the road and the tire can make the tire pressure escalate. If you have taken the car for a ride, you should wait for some time at least 2 or 3 hours to check tire pressure.
  • Remove the valve cap from the tire’s valve stem.
  • Press the tire pressure gauge onto the valve stem firmly until you hear a hissing sound. The tire pressure is displayed on the gauge.
  • Compare the reading from the tire pressure gauge with the recommended tire pressure specified by the manufacturer. Add air to the tire if it’s below the recommended level, and release some pressure if it’s too high.
  • If you need to add air, connect the air compressor or air pump to the valve stem and add air in short bursts. Use a screwdriver or tool like that to release some air if it is needed.  Press down on the valve core for some time until you hear a sound like releasing air.
  • Be careful that front and rear tires may have different pressures that is recommended in the manual.

Maintaining Tire Pressure in EV

Only checking the tire pressure doesn’t conclude that you are a good EV owner. At the same time, you have to maintain the optimal tire pressure. Otherwise, all of your effort in checking the tire will go in vain. Some tricks for keeping your EV’s tires properly inflated:

  • Make sure to maintain a regularly scheduled maintenance according to your EV’s owner’s manual. If you notice any issue with your EV’s tires, it’s best to seek professional help to solve it.
  • Regularly check your EV’s tires for any signs of damage like cuts, bulges, or uneven tread wear especially after road trips.
  • Before Starting on long journeys, it’s best to check your EV’s tire pressure because it can save you any forthcoming trouble on the road.
  • Even if your EV has a built-in TPMS, checking with additional TPSM can ensure the proper tire pressure. It will be extra helpful if you check it also manually.
  • Tire pressure can be flatulated within the temperature. Cold weather can cause tire pressures to drop and hot pressure can increase the tire pressure, so it is important in the morning to check the tire pressure before you start your journey and adjust accordingly to the temperature.

Mistakes That Can Be Avoided

Maintaining tire pressure is comparably easier work than other maintenance but there are some common mistakes that EV owners can avoid:

Checking Tire Pressure Regularly: At least once a month checking tire pressure is essential. Regularly monitoring tire pressure can avoid maintenance issues.

TPMS And Manual Check: Aside from the TPMS tool, a manual check is also necessary as TPSM is not a fully reliable tool. It can give you extra assurance.

Maintain Even Tire Wear: Try to maintain even tire wear as it can cause misalignment between the tires. It can affect the weight distribution among the tires which will eventually cause problems in the overall tire performance.

Always Check the Spare Tire: When you are checking all the tires, make sure to check the spare tire along with it. It can prepare you for the time of crisis.

Avoid Overinflating the Tires: Overinflating tires can reduce traction, bumpy ride, and increase the chance of accidents.


Maintaining proper tire pressure in electric vehicles can save you from hassle. By maintaining tire pressure, you can ensure the best performance, safety, energy, and maximum battery life of the vehicle. This blog post can guide you in your journey of maintaining proper tire pressure and instruct you on how to check it. Regular maintenance saves you time, and money and provides you with a smooth riding experience. So, to experience a trouble-free journey to your destination, don’t forget to check and maintain optimal tire pressure.

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